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Use our Air Freight services and leave Time & Borders behind.


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We issue BESC/CTN waivers for all your Exports
to Africa (+20 Countries)


Born in Casablanca, PACIFIC CARGO is an international Freight Forwarding company, offering a multitude of logistics services to meet your business needs in a timely and cost effectively manner.

We have successfully networked ourselves in order to offer quality solutions for even the most complex service demands by evolving ourselves each day to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. Our action plan is simple – identify customer needs, provide timely solutions, measure customer satisfaction and improve the speed at which services are brought to the customer’s work place.

As in our slogan, we are available worldwide, whenever you need us you will find us at your side.

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Special Services

PACIFIC CARGO is not just a simple Freight Forwarder, we provide all solutions for your inboud & outbound logistics.

PACIFIC CARGO, 100% sure and safe

Our Worldwide Logistics and Transport Solutions mean that your goods are always in safe hands.  Pacific Cargo team ensure they go that extra mile to deliver your cargo safely & on time to any worldwide destination you imagine.


Being a Freight Forwarder means we have access to a multitude of services and rates and we are not tied down to any one carrier. We act as wholesalers to the shipping industry. This means we can achieve better rates than going direct. This also means we can create a multimodal shipment if needed, insuring we manage a start to finish freight solution tailored to you.

Not necessarily. Most freight is calculated on weights, dimensions and volumetric weights. Sea Freight, although not the fastest mode, is best suited for large consignments, Project cargo and hazardous. If you are unsure on which mode is best suited to you, please get in touch!

Depending on your incoterm, Insurance can be important for some goods, a part from ordinary transport insurance covered by international conventions, All risk insurance on Goods remains optional and on client’s request. We do offer good rates if you require insurance, please contact us for more info!

We are proudly remaining at your service 24/7, unlike multinational companies, we are flexible and able to take quick decisions to support your urgent situations. You may contact us by Whatsapp anytime during day or night. Get in touch with your customer representative.

What makes us special?

‘We believe every shipment and delivery is unique and we are proud of our strong focus on providing genuine, caring customer service at excellent rates’


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